Calibration Intervals

The period between two calibrations for measuring and testing equipment is referred to as calibration interval and must be set and monitored by the user according to his requirements. The main points for the determination of the interval are:

  • Measurement value and permissible tolerance band
  • Use of measuring and test equipment
  • Frequency of use
  • Environmental conditions
  • Stability of previous calibrations
  • Required measurement accuracy
  • Company-specific requirements by the quality assurance system

For use under normal conditions, we recommend a calibration interval of 1 to 2 years. For measuring instruments, used for regular assessment, review of work safety, quality assurance of products and services, as well as under extreme environmental conditions, we recommend calibration after 1 year only.


The HILO-TEST GmbH measuring and testing laboratory at the highest level

Our laboratory is subject to the surveillance in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008.

This guarantees product quality, competence of staff, continuous external monitoring and international recognition of calibration services.
Hilo-Test offers a factory calibration certificate (ISO calibration certificate).

The calibration certificate of HILO-TEST includes testing and recording of various measuring ranges and measurement uncertainty:

  • voltage values
  • current values
  • time values

In addition, calibration date, serial number, reference conditions, information about the tester and permissible deviations are listed.


The scope of the calibration services of HILO-TEST includes:

  • Entrance inspection to determine whether the device is within specifications
  • Generation of a standard compliant calibration certificate
  • Attaching a calibration mark with calibration date
  • Replacement of the battery in battery-operated test equipment
  • Cleaning of test samples

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