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HVTS 50-10 HVTS 50-10

Short informations

High Voltage AC Test Set
Voltage: 1 - 50 kV
Current: 1 - 10 mA
Ramp: 0.1 - 50 kV/sec
Testtime: 1 - 1000 sec

The High-Voltage Test-Set HVTS 5010 is designed for high-voltage testing of the electrical insulation of electrical equipment and electrical systems. Test voltage is adjustable up to 50 kV, 1 - 10 mA. The High-Voltage Test-Set HVTS 5010 mainly consists of a high-voltage transformer and a control unit. A motor driven variac generates the primary voltage of the high-voltage transformer. Output voltage can be selected from 0.1 to 50 kV with a voltage rise adjustable from 0.1 kV/sec to 50 kV/sec. Maximum output current is 10 mA. The output voltage is measured by a built - in capacitive voltage divider.

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