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CAR-AWG 1200 CAR-AWG 1200

Short informations

Batterie simulator
Bandwidth DC-1MHz
4 quadrant amplifier
Max. 75 V/ 40A (100A)
Fast rise time up to 70V/µs

The CAR arbitrary waveform generator 1200 is a compact EMC testing system for performing voltage variations on supply lines of vehicles. The system strictly complies with the international standards and manufacturer standards that describe phenomena on the power supply of vehicles.
Thus, the CAR arbitrary waveform generator 1200 is the optimal voltage power source for battery simulation up to 70V. It can simulate pulse 2b, pulse 4, starting profile, superimposed alternating voltage and others, up to a battery current of 40A.

Additional Info

  • ISO: ISO 16750-2, ISO 7637-4
  • Manufacturer: LV 124, LV 148, VW 8000, VW 8100

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