PG 12-1440

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PG 12-1440 PG 12-1440

Short informations

component- and system test
Impulse voltage: 12 kV
Waveform: 10/700µs
Waveform: 1,2/50µs

Energy: 1440 J

The high-voltage impulse generator PG 12-1440 standard impulse voltages with waveforms 1.2/50 μs or 10/700 μs. Output voltage is adjustable between 0.5 kV and 12 kV. The polarity of the output voltage is selectable. Positive, negative or alternating polarity of the output voltage can be preselected.
It is designed for dielectric testing of components and systems acc. to CCITT-K17/K20-K22, ITU-T/K44, IEC 61000-4-5, VDE 0847. The pulse forming network is referred to ground. The high-voltage output is available at a coaxial connector.
A built-in voltage divider 1000:1 allows monitoring of the impulse output waveform during testing.

Additional Info

  • ITU-T: K17, K20, K22, K44

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